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Shaoxing Sealgood gasket and sealing Co., Ltd. is a professional production enterprise in industrial sealing products R & D, manufacturing, sales, and engineering services, The company production and export all kinds of fluid sealing products and material, there are all kinds of sealing gaskets and packing, etc. Products are widely used in petrochemical. oil refining, electric power, iron and steel, shipbuilding and other industries, not only solve the domestic many power plants, chemical plants, pump, valve, pipeline leakage problems in various gas and chemical fluid conveying, many well-known enterprises designated and used, and has been exported to Europe and America, the Middle East, and Southeast pressure and many other countries and regions.

The company has advanced production and testing equipment, experienced staff, sufficient raw materials and product inventory for the customer provide products get a guarantee, the company holds the SGS asbestos-free license and ISO9001 certification is China’s packing and static sealing industry member enterprise. All products according to the domestic and international industry standards, such as GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, ASME-ANSI, BS, CNS specification, and for sealing products customized special specifications.

Companies with “integrity, professional. pragmatic” as the guiding ideology, wholeheartedly provides high-quality sealing products and excellent service for the customers at home and abroad. At the same time also operates with the sealing industry well-known brands, such as the United States GORE,KINDER Australia, Japan, Germany, Spain, on card Frenzelit signs, and other various industrial sealing materials for customers on the seal product variety selection, give you the best sealing scheme.

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